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Excercise Related Articles

A sound mind in a sound body, this is easier said than done. With pollution, stress, uhealthy diets and inactive lifestyles it is quite clear that you will need to get a bit tired to stay in good health and shape. The benefits of excercise in some form or another have been known to us for a very long time. However the present lifestyle and environment, makes excercise a very ESSENTIAL requirement for people if all ages, sexes and nationalities. In this section, we bring together various articles and reports related to excercise and the benefits of excercise.

While many people believe that excercise is only meant for sportsmen and athletes, the facts are quite different. Professional athletes and sportsmen, push excercise to the limits. Their idea is to cope with competition and become winners, this need not be true for most of us. A moderate level of excercising done regularly and consistently is enough for most of us. Medical conditions like high cholestrol, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart related ailments require excercise as one component of their control and treatment. Relying completely on medication can be dangerous, the dosage will require an increase as times goes by. Increased medication doses also bring in more and more severe side effects.

It would not be right to say that, a person who excercises regularly never falls sick. But it is very true that a fit body and mind, can reduce the severity of many ailments. The options for treatment and medication are also wider when, the body is in a good condition and can better handle the strain and stress of medication. Basically excercise is for now and for the future too.

If you have any specific medical condition, consult your doctor before starting on an excercise routine. Do not change the dosage or medication prescribed by your doctor. Medicine has developed efficient and accurate processes to evaluate the effects of any factor including excercise, on the human body. The type of excercise, time for excercising and even the type of diet to be maintained to get the maximum benefits of excercising, will be determined by your age, the time you have available, financial issues and ofcourse on your present physical and mental condition. Your doctor is the best person to make suggestions and recommendations for your excercise schedule.


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Today excercising is not an option, it is an essential component of our life. Many health problems can originate from a lack of excercise, some of these can develop to become dangerous and even incurable if neglected.


General information related to excercise, options for excercising and useful tips and suggestions about excercise ... more. Is Yoga a form of excercise, the answer is yes. The west has relied more on the physical aspects of yoga ... more. Ageing and excercise, are inter-related. A body that excercises regularly, copes better with the ageing process ... more.
Excercise and diabetes, a diabetic gets some added benefits from excercise. This report gives details and suggestions ... more.


Before You Start Excercising: We would stronly suggest that you discuss your excercise plan and routine with your medical advisor, before implementing it. Diabetics especially those who are on external insulin medication should not, excercise on an empty stomach. Hypoglacemia ( low sugar levels) could result if, sufficient carbohydrates are not consumed before excercising. In any case it is not advisable to excercise immediately after having a meal. Your doctor would be the right person to advice you regarding this. Pass this information to your friends, collegues and relatives. A healthier person can make a happier family, a happier family is an asset to the community and nation. The information provided here is for the general public, we do not plan to make any money out of this sincere advice.

The above reports have been compiled in the public interest by the Kaisilver team. Most readers of this report will be aware that, Kaisilver is not related in any way to the health and nutrition industry. We are the world's leading provider of highend custom jewelry. We ocassionally come across interesting information that we feel will be useful for a large audience, such information is published online for the benefit of everyone. We would suggest that you address all medical conditions and treatment issues to your family doctor. No report that you read online or in print, should be treated as a substitute for professional medical advice from your own doctor. Our team at would be glad to hear your comments and suggestions related to any material published on this website.


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