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Popular Thai Food Dishes

Recipes For Popular Thai Food Dishes, How To Make Thai Food

Cooking Thai Food Can Be Fun
Though Thai food dishes have a mind boggling range and variety, some Thai food dishes have gained tremendous international popularity. In this website we bring together recipes for some of the most popular Thai food dishes. Visitors to Thailand, are always impressed with the food in this tropical nation. It is very likely that you are a visitor to Thailand now back in your homeland, this website is designed and maintained especially for you. You can easily learn to cook some very delicious and famous Thai food dishes. Simple language and detailed instructions ensure that, the whole process of cooking Thai food is simplified. Tips and suggestions have been generously provided throughout the website. As one of the world's leading online custom jewelry providers based in Thailand, Kaisilver is proud to be part of the country. We also feel honored to be host to millions of visitors from every corner of the globe. These recipes of popular Thai food are provided at no cost to you, the objective is to spread the word about a splendid nation, it's hospitable people and it's lip smacking food.

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thawd man pla, thai fried fish cakes recipe This is the recipe for one of the very popular Thai food dishes. The English name for this delicious Thai dish is fried fish cakes, the Thai name is 'thod man plaa'. You can pronounce the thai word 'thod' which means fried as 'thought'. The word 'man' would be similar to "sun" in English if you replaced the 's' with an 'm'. The main ingredient in the Thod mun plaa cake recipe is fish and this is known as 'plaa' in the Thai language. We show you how to make Thai fish cakes and clearly explain each ingredient. Like most Thai food dishes, thawt man plaa cakes can be quite hot (with refernce to chillies). If you see the ingredient list of this very popular Thai food dish, you will notice that you have both, red curry paste and red chillies. If you love Thai food but prefer a more moderate taste, consider leaving out the red chillies of adding just half to one red chilli when following the recipe for this Thai food dish. Fried fish cakes are normally eaten with a dipping sauce and the recipe shows you how to make your own simple dipping sauce too. The image shows the thawd man plaa cakes with a side dish. This includes crushed chillies and onions, the cucumber pieces have been sliced thin. You should try to cook the thawt mun plaa cakes by closely following the recipe. Do this at least for the first time, you can then do some fine tuning to the ingredients and process the next time that you make this Thai dish. click for more

  Given the popularity of Thai satay, the tremendous interest in satay sauce comes as no surpriced. In the image you see a dish of Thai peanut satay sauce with a satay stick dipped into it. The easy recipe to make Thai satay peanut sauce is well explained in this report. You can vary the level of spice (hotness) in your satay sauce by moderating the amount of red curry paste that you add to it. This sauce is eaten along with satay pork or chicken skewers and satay is rarely served without it. When you start to make satay peanut sauce, you will realize that the few ingredients used are quite popular in many Thai food dishes. This very popular Thai food dish does not take too much of time or effort to make, eating it when freshly made is recommended. There is another side dish that is often eaten along with satay, this is the cucumber relish. Please do not confuse that with satay sauce, the thai satey sauce is more like a thick gravy. The thickness is got by grinding roasted peanuts into a fine paste, along with the red curry paste. We encourage you to try this very simple dish, and if you wish to make satay just keep in mind that it too, is not too difficult to make at home. Since this is one of those Thai dishes that is ready quite quickly, make it fresh just as you get ready to eat your satay. We will soon update this section with the recipe for satay and the cucumber relish dishes too. click for more


Thai satay, one of the very popular Thai food dishes. You can make satay with different types of meat - pork, beef and even chicken satay are made in a very similar way. Our Thai satay recipe is clear and simple to follow, it does make the whole effort of making your own satay very convenient and easy. The ingredients to make Thai satay need to be carefully selected, some preparation is required for some of these ingredients. For example, the cumin seeds and coriander seeds need to be roasted and then ground. The interesting thing about this Thai food dish is that it has pulled up the popularity of another side dish too, this is the satay peanut sauce. When you make your satay, make sure that you understand the difference between two liquid preparations related to Thai satay. The marinate which is used to soak the meat pieces before grilling them, should not be confused with the satay sauce which is eaten along with the cooked and ready satay. Though satay is extremely popular in Thailand and among Thai food lovers across the globe, the name satay originated in Indonesia. The Indonesians referred to way of cooking the meat (grilling or barbecueing) as satay. The Thai people normally eat satay along with two side dishes, one is the satay peanut sauce, the other is the cucumber relish. For the best taste, you should eat your Thai satay, immediately after it is cooked and taken off the grill. click for more

 vegetarian thai food Though much of the Thai food that you come across consists of Thai dishes that are non-vegetarian, the popularity of Thai vegetarian food is quite substantial. While some Thai food lovers relish vegetarian Thai food because they are basically vegetarian, it is not uncommon for traditional non-vegetarian eaters to be impressed with the light and delicious taste of Thai vegetarian food. It is really not difficult to get your hands on a book of Thai vegetarian dishes or even search the net, for recipes of vegetarian Thai food, however we would recommend something else. Once you have some basic knowledge of how to cook vegetarian Thai food, try your hand at some popular Thai food dishes. For example, the famous Thai Tom Khaa recipe has traditionally been a non-vegetarian Thai dish, some innovation and adventure can get you an equally delicious vegetarian version of this very popular Thai dish. If you are a vegetarian but not too excited about cooking Thai vegetarian food, you could look for Thai restaurants that serve specially prepared Thai food dishes that are vegetarian. If you plan to eat vegetarian food for health or religious reasons, make sure that the restaurant staff fully understand what you mean by vegetarian. The Thais have another version of 'vegetarian' which you could refer to as sem-veg but, the right Thai word for completely vegetarian food is 'chey'. We present some great suggestions and tips for eating and cooking Thai vegetarian food ... click for more.
 vegetarian som tam, Thai vegetarian recipes

Vegetarian som tum recipe, interest in Thai food has spread across the globe. An interesting thing about international Thai food is that, food lovers have managed to tune and adjust the flavor and ingredients in various Thai food recipes, to suit their taste and habits. This is well demonstrated by the numerous requests we received for the veg som tam salad recipe. This is one dish that makes use of many vegetarian ingredients. For those already familiar with the non-veg version of this popular Thai dish, it is really not difficult to make adjustments to get the vegetarian version of this Thai dish ready. It is true that in reality 'degrees' of vegetarian-ism do exist. For example, some 'vegetarians' do not mind eating eggs. Similarly many so called vegetarian food eaters, make regular use of fish sauce to add flavor to their food. When compiling the recipe for this Thai vegetarian dish, we have left out all non-vegetarian ingredients from the som tam salad recipe. Some people refer to som tam salad as papaya salad, a justified name because papaya does form a major ingredient in this Thai food dish. Many western visitors to Thailand prefer to call it the papaya 'puck-puck'. An interesting name as puck-puck is close to the sound that the pestle and mortar make as the ingredients for the papaya salad are pounded or smashed together. Once you had your first attempt at following this recipe and making your som tam, get into some adventure and try variations to suit your taste. You could add a few fruits like, pineapple or apple to the ingrediensts ... click for more.

 thai food recipes, khanom khrok Khanom Khrok, a sweet Thai food dish might be referred to as a Thai dessert for many non-Thais but the locals often eat this Thai rice pudding for breakfast. Vendors who cook and sell Khanom Krok on the street near office areas, begin their cooking as early as 5am to 6am. For most visitors to Thailand, Khanom krok would better be regarded as a dessert - quite a sumptous one at that. Restaurants also often put this rice pudding on their menu, the cooking time is around 7 to 10 minutes. While most Thais would advise you to eat your Khanom Khrok hot, we would strongly suggest that you allow at least 5 minutes of cooling after the dish is scooped out of the pan. And for those of you who do not access to a Khanom Khrok vendor or, prefer to live the adventure of cooking some delicious Thai food dish the good news is that, the ingredients to make khanom krok are generally available in grocery stores. You will need the khanom Khok Kratha which is, the pan used to make the dish and we have explained a few details about this in our report. In an effort to bring you some of the most popular Thai food recipes, we were confident that khanom krok could not be missed. Our detailed reciped for this Thai food dish is simple and comprehensive, you will need to go no where else to educate yourself about making this awesome delicacy. We would like to inform you regarding a small safety measure, Khanom Khrok when taken off the pan would be very hot - too hot to be gulped or chewed. Keep the pudding aside for at least 5 minutes to cool down ... click for more.
  Khanom Chan, would be rightly translated as the 'layered sweet' in English. The list of popular Thai food dishes is not all about spice and heat, mouth watering delicacies like the khanom chan sweet desserts are also eaten as a wholesome snack. The layered sweet goes deep into the traditions of ancient Thailand, authentic Thai cooks look to make this dessert with nine layers - the number 9 has special importance to Thais. The ingredients used to make khanom chan are quite simple and easily available - a combination of tapioca flour and rice flour forms the base of the sweet dish. If you wish to get the true taste of khanom chan like it was made centuries ago, the coloring agent will need to be naturally derived - juice from the pandan leaves is used for this purpose. When you make this Thai food dish, work with the number of layers that is convenient for you and get on to finer details after you have gained more experience. The pandan leaves juice extract imparts both color and flavor to the khanom chan, Jasmine flower essence is another ingredient on the list and though vanilla essence might serve the purpose, the two do not yield the same smell. You will need a device to steam your layered sweet as that is the way in which the khanom chan batter is cooked. Two slightly different batters are poured in layer after layer carefully ensuring that, the previous layer is cooked before the next layer is poured in. You might come across khanom chan that flashes many colorful layers, ideally each color should be extracted from a natural source but, most vendors use artificial food colors these days. Cooking your own khanom chan will not be very difficult, follow our clear and precise recipe ... click for more.
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