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Thai Food

Cooking Thai Food, Popular Thai Food Recipes

Thai Food Recipes, Cook Thai Food Like A Professional
This section contains recipes for some of the most popular Thai food dishes. There are two things in Thailand that will impress any visitor to the kingdom, the first is the kindness and hospitality of the Thais and the second is the exotic food that Thailand is famous for. Visitors to the country quickly grow fond of popular Thai food dishes and on returning home, start longing for the taste and flavour of the delicious food. This website has been designed to provide clear and lucid Thai food recipes for the most popular Thai dishes. Use these recipes to guide you and experience the thrill of cooking Thai food in your home. Once you have tried a few dishes you can experiment by varying ingredients or proportions of ingredients to fine tune the taste and flavour. We will be adding new food recipes so you should keep coming back.

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Thai food recipe for papaya salad or 'somtum' Papaya salad or 'somtum' as it is called in Thailand, is surely the most popular Thai food dish. Few visitors to the country would leave without tasting this mouth watering dish, fresh raw papayas are grated and crushed along with other ingredients. Thais would eat this delicious Thai food dish with lots of chillies, if you are trying it for the first time, go easy on the chillies. There are many variations for the Thai papaya salad and we present the most popular Thai recipe for what is called 'Tum Thai'. The name is an abbreviated form for 'Somtum Thai'. Besides, being one of the most common and popular Thai food dish, somtum is also very easy to make. If you are just starting to cook Thai food, this is an excellent recipe to start with since, it is quite easy and the taste is enough motivation for you to continue learning about cooking Thai food. click for more

recipe for popular Thai foods, spring roll with dipping sauce Thai spring rolls can be eaten as an evening snack or along with a regular meal. This is one of the few Thai recipes where deep frying is used to make the dish. We would not expect many diet concious viewers to eat too many of these spring rolls, but at the same time, do not miss out on this one. Taste one of these or at least half a spring roll and you will be impressed with the subtle taste of almost every ingredient in the dish. This Thai dish is an excellent example of how you can adapt Thai cooking to your tastes and preferences. You can quickly think of other fillings to be added inside your spring rolls and experiment with various flavours. Most Thai snacks are eaten with sauces and Thai spring rolls have a popular dipping sauce that is served together with the rolls. We have included the complete recipe for the dipping sauce too. click for more

Tum yum kung recipe Tum yum kung is the name given to a very popular Thai dish. The main ingredient in the recipe for tum yum kung are prawns and the Thai word for prawns is 'kung'. Inorder to get the perfect taste for your tum yum kung, you need to work with the right ingredients and in the right proportions. Our tum yum kung recipe provides detailed instructions on working with the ingredients and is one of the best recipes that you will find. Suggestions and tips are included and you can make subtle changes to the proportion of various ingredients to suit your individual preference. Red curry paste is an important ingredient in any tum yum kung recipe, we have included step by step instructions to help you prepare the red curry paste. While ready made tum yum kung mixes are available, the standard taste of such mixes would not appeal to most lovers of Thai food. We therefore suggest that you go through our tum yum kung recipe and try making this delicious Thai dish in your home. click for more

cooking brown rice, the right way to make brown rice Cooking brown rice is not very different from cooking the regular white rice. The slightly different procedure adopted when cooking brown rice is because of the brown (bran) layer that is left on the grains of brown rice. Before you start cooking brown rice, you will need to check how old the rice (uncooked) is. This is because stale brown rice develops a rancid flavour and is not suitable for eating. Brown rice has become quite popular in recent years and this is mainly due to the health benefits that have been attributed to brown rice. We have compiled a detailed report on how to cook brown rice and also provided useful tips on how to make subtle adjustments to the cooking process to suit your taste. Very few people who have started eating brown rice give it up and return to eat white rice. The rich nut like feeling of well cooked brown rice will impress anyone and this is something that you will find missing in regular white rice. click for more

Thai food recipes, Thai dessert with bananas Bananas in coconut milk is a Thai food dessert that is very popular in Thailand. Desserts are a very important part of any Thai meal. They probably help to cool the stomach after having eaten the hot and spicey flavour that, is common to most Thai food dishes. Coconut milk is a common ingredient in most Thai foods and not just in preparing desserts. We provide a complete recipe for this famous Thai food dish and also provide interesting suggestions to customize the taste according to your preference. This dish is normally made with a particular type of banana called the 'kluai nam wa' and the recipe takes into consideration whether the bananas are partially or fully ripe. If you have eaten Thai food, you will find that most dishes are non vegetarian as they include ingredients like fish sauce, shrimp paste etc. However, the Thai banana dessert is completely vegetarian and people of all ages will relish this delicacy. click for more

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