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Thai Food Desserts

Popular Thai Dessert Recipes

Popular Thai Desserts, Recipe For Thai Food Desserts
Thai food desserts are an important part of any Thai meal. Most foreigners eating Thai food will be glad to have a Thai dessert after eating hot and spicey Thai food. There is a wide range of Thai dessert recipes and they could range from a simple tray of fresh fruit to something a bit more complicated like, coconut ice cream or a banana dessert. Many Thai food desserts contain crushed ice and coconut milk, they are therefore freshly made so that the ice does not melt before the dessert is actually served. Coconut cream and coconut milk are also prominent ingredients in most Thai desserts. Local Thais often end their meal by drinking a glass of cold tea or cold coffee that has crushed ice. We are not sure if a serious food critic would refer to this as a Thai dessert but it serves the same purpose. The idea of making your own Thai food dessert is to allow you to adjust the taste and flavour of the dessert to your preference. For example, every Thai dessert recipe can be made with a lower amount of sugar than shown in the list of ingredients. If you taste the famous Thai food dessert dish, mango and sticky rice, you might find that the coconut milk that is provided along with the dish has a salty flavour that is too much for you. In this case, you can check the recipe for this Thai dessert and reduce the amount of salt that is added to the coconut milk during the making process. We will be adding more recipes for delicious Thai food desserts so do keep coming back.

Thai food dessert, banana in coconut milk Bananas In Coconut Milk: There are many varieties of bananas grown in Thailand and the 'kluai nam wa' variety is used to make this delicious banana dessert. This is one Thai food dessert recipe that you must try as, it combines the delicous flavour of bananas with the subtle taste of coconut milk. This Thai dessert has sugar as an ingredient and you can reduce the quantity of sugar to suit your taste. Bananas that are fully ripe would be quite sweet and you might not feel the need to add much sugar to the banana dessert. On the other hand, bananas that are not sufficiently ripe can also be used but in this case sugar will be needed to add to the sweetness. We have provided detailed instructions for this Thai dessert recipe and you will surely have the confidence, to make this very popular Thai dessert after reading the recipe. If you are interested in tasting a delicious vegetarian Thai dessert, try this banana dessert recipe as all the ingredients are fairly easy to find. click for more

Thai dessert, ripe mango with sticky rice Sticky Rice With Mango: This tempting Thai dessert combines some of the most popular Thai ingredients. Coconut milk, sticky rice and ripe mangoes are expertly combined to create the famous Thai mango sticky rice dish. Sticky rice, also known as glutinous rice needs to be specially cooked. The entire process for the mango sticky rice Thai dessert recipe, have been broken into easily understandable steps. Ripe mangoes are seasonal fruits in Thailand, this is the reason why the popularity of this famous Thai dessert soars during certain season. Coconut milk and coconut cream are important ingredients in many Thai food dishes. Both these ingredients are treated differently when making Thai desserts and other Thai dishes. Read the mango sticky rice recipe carefully and use the coconut milk and cream as detailed in the recipe. It is interesting to know that another Thai dessert has a very similar recipe, read the complete article and find out more. click for more

thai food dessert recipes, look choop colorful candy from Thailand Colorful Look Choop Candy: The luk joop Thai candy is a very popular type of dessert. While you might not find much of it today in the major metros of Thailand, this colorful Thai food dish has a royal beginning. This Thai dessert candy is made from a paste of green moon paste, coconut milk and sugar. If you read the recipe of the look jup Thai dessert you will notice that the process is quite simple and easy. However the final part of the recipe that involves making each piece to look like a vegetable or fruit requires some artistic skills. It is interesting to know that this Thai dessert originated in the royal palaces of ancient Siam. When cooking food for the royals making the food delicious to eat is not enogh, you will need to put efforts to give the good a lovely external appearance too. This is exactly what is done with the look joop candy, each piece is skillfully moulded to look like a fruit or vegetable. In the next step, food colors are used to paint each piece. The finishing part that involves moulding and painting each piece is quite time consuming, especially for the inexperienced cook. click for more

 thai dessert rice pudding khanom kok   Khanom Krok: You could refer to this delicious Thai dessert in English as rice pudding but keep in mind that, there are few more Thai food dishes that could have a similar name. Khanom Khok is one of the very popular Thai food dishes and interestingly, many Thais do not treat this sweet dish as a dessert at all. Many local vendors begin their cooking early in the morning outside office buildings, this because it is a common breakfast food for many working Thais. However if a non-Thai had to taste this lip smacking Thai food dish, you would agree that it is better defined as a dessert - sweet, soft leaving a tasty lingering taste in the mouth. The good thing about cooking Khanom Khrok is that, the ingredients are not very complicated and can be sourced in most Asian grocery stores. But inorder to get a real professional finish for your Thai rice pudding dessert, be prepared to do some hunting for the pan that is needed to make the dish. Our detailed recipe for this Thai dessert will ensure that you do not get confused on or lost in your cooking adventure. Before you rush to buy the Khanom Krok Katha (or pan), read the useful suggestions that have been provided in our recipe ... click for more .

  Khanom Chan: This Thai dessert has an interesting concept, it is made in the form of layers and the alternating layers have a subtle difference in terms of flavor and smell. Juice extract from Pandan leaves imparts the greenish color and fine flavor to the sweet. Like many other Thai food dishes, Khanom Chan has a long history and significance. Traditionally made with 9 layers this Thai delicacy is supposed to bring the good luck that is associated with the number 9 in Thailand. The main ingredients in this Thai dessert are rice flour, tapioca flour, sugar and coconut milk. You will also be using some pandan extract and a tiny drop of Jasmine essence. Foreigners refer to this delicious Thai sweet dish as 'layered sweet' and it is a fitting description. Young children in Thailand can often be seen eating the Thai layered sweet by peeling off one layer at a time. More colorful versions of Khanon Chan can sometimes be seen in the country, these generally use synthetic food colors unlike the traditional version of the dessert. Khanom Chan is eaten as a dessert but makes a great snack too, the sweet is light on the stomach as there is no oil or frying involved. The ingredients and method to make the Thai layered sweet dessert are published on our website for more.

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