Several dog food manufacturers make their premium-quality brands using animal by-products, such as chicken and animal fat. These types of meat are generally classified as ‘unfit for human consumption by the FDA’.

It may come as a surprise to some dog owners that the by-products of animals are used in premium brands of dog food. Many dog owners have never heard of the use of animal by-products in dog food, and some find it downright disgusting. There is a wide range of opinions among dog owners about the use of derivatives in dog food, but many are unaware that this is not an uncommon practice.

Animal by-products can include any parts of an animal that are not meat or muscle tissues. This includes its skin, hair, bones, blood, internal organs, and glands. Because these parts of an animal do not provide the same nutrients as meat or muscle tissue, they are only used in pet foods designed to give dogs minimal nutritional requirements.

According to Pet Food Advisor, the use of animal by-products in low-quality dog food is one of the primary reasons that pet owners complain about their dog food. However, using meat by-products in dog foods is not as bad as it sounds. Pet food companies will often label their by-products as “chicken by-products” or “bone meal”.

Is Pet Food Made With Animal By-Products Suitable For Dogs Or Not?

The answer is both yes and no. Pet food that uses animal by-products will have a lot of protein, but not as much as the food that uses meat or poultry. There is a lot of nutrition and protein gained from eating animal by-products, but it is not the same quality as meat or poultry.

Animal by-product food may be hazardous for your pets, and it can cause significant bloating and stomach problems. Also, sometimes your pet can get sick from this kind of food because they cannot digest it. 

Overall, it is okay for your pets to eat pet food with animal by-products. If you are concerned about your pets getting sick, make sure to call the company that makes your pet’s food and ask them what kind of ingredients are in their product.

You can also ask your vet if they think it is okay to feed your pet food with just animal by-products in it.

So is pet food with animal by-products suitable for your dogs? It depends on the kind of by-product and how it is made. If you are really concerned about your dog’s health, and not on a tight budget, get better quality food.

Final Thoughts

However, as society has evolved and progressed, animal welfare has become a much more important factor to consider.

In the past, meat by-products were seen as a cheap alternative to using quality cuts of meat, but today it is more common to prefer a quality source of protein.

Parts of the animal which used to be discarded as waste products are now being sold as a more ethical alternative to meat.

You have to make your own decision whether to feed your dog such products or not.